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Thursday, April 16, 2009

MS 150 Houston to Austin - 'Grown Men do Cry'


By some terrible twist of fate I have suddenly lost all of my blog posts.
A day before my biggest cycle ride of the year.
This includes the one that I wrote and published today which contained all of my training photographs.

There is definitely tears dropping on my keyboard.
I am officially glum

Deep breaths...........and cup of coffee required.
(ten minutes later)
I found myself talking out loud

Q: 'Ok Houston we need a damage report'
A: Not good Im afraid, 36 blogpost lost down the computer plughole, picture, links, and even your amusing anecdotes.
Q: Is the situation retrievable
A: Retrievable ?
Q: Yeah stupid, can write cant you.
A: Well I try
Q: And you do have a memory?

I suddenly felt very stupid and extremely selfish.
My training and cycling has given me so much.
A new sport, fitness, new friends and an inspiration to create and service a blogsite.
One that even people read.
I am so fortunate and privileged to be riding a bike in a sport I love with 13,000 like minded people.
The MS 150 ride from Houston to Austin is such a great event and has been going for 25 years.
The event that was so oversubscribed that all the places were taken up within hours of release.
The ride is about raising money and awareness for persons suffering from multiple sclerosis.
My blog was designed to compliment my charity cycling events. Its temporary demise is a problem that can be and will be fixed tomorrow.

People suffering from MS or many other illness can often only dream of such a recovery.
There will always be a requirement to help our fellow man either practically, financially or emotionally. It is something we should all try and do.
If you have been following my 'Travels with my Mule' , just bear with us.
Some re hoofing is required and normal service will be resumed.........soon


  1. Don't despair, lovey...

    At least you haven't lost everything.

    I hope to catch up on tales of your riding soon; I just got home from hospital with a pulmonary embolism. No bicycle for me until further notice. :cry:

  2. You are an absoloute god send...........thank you so much


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