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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rolling back the years

Since 'Addy' (My new bike) has arrived on the scene, my life has changed.
I guess most people in life, like to be liked.
I am certainly no exception.
Knowing Addy's desire to get out at every opportunity, I have pretty much pandered to him to gain his affection.

Now we have a routine going I am starting to think that he might quite like me.
I also realise that he is far smarter than he appears, for such a youthful bike that is.
I think that there is a bit of a yin yang thing going on between us.
I look after him and he looks after me.

After work today, I completed 42 miles over the Wold Tops with lots of climbing.
It was a menacing evening with huge Cumulonimbus clouds bringing violent thunderstorms.
But it was beautiful all the same.
Cycling so high up I could see for miles.
The strong winds fluffed up the budding tress who in turn flirted with each other with tangled branches.
Occasional shafts of sunlight broke through the darkened clouds, like a spotlight on the stage. Highlighting natures own spring starlets and shinning a path through another storm.
I loved it.
I felt like I got a last minute place as an extra, in an extraordinary epic called 'Nature'.

With my increased exercise and diet combination, I was feeling, fitter, slimmer and .......younger.
A bit like Benjamin Button. I remember watching the film on the plane back from Houston.
I Loved that too, although I am not to sure that a certain F. Scott Fitzgerald would have shared my views.
It tells the story of somebody who is born old then grows younger.
Its an interesting concept and one I would certainly sign up to.
Its a shame that when your a bit older, when your at your wisest, smartest and most financially secure. You are also less likely to be physically able and energetic.
How I would have loved to have been young and wise.
The film also stared Cate Blanchett who is my favorite actress.

During the film there is also a reference to a man getting struck by lightening 7 times.
As I was being chased by the storms this evening, I too thought I might be joining this exclusive club, but Addy looked after me.
He guided me through the wind and hail back into the sanctuary of Beverley.
As he gets older, I am seemingly getting younger......When we meet in the middle we will be awesome double act.

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  1. I'll have to re-read when I'm at home since I do not have sound on my work computer.

    Sounds as though you had a wonderful ride with Mother Nature, oh and congrat's on the weight loss, good for you!


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