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Monday, June 1, 2009

Travels with my Mule

Have you ever taken part in a cycle charity event ?
Are you an International cyclist?
Have you ridden on your own, as teams in their pace lines go whizzing by?
I have, and sometimes when its been really tough going I have longed for the company of a comrade in arms.
To encourage me or to pull me along and visa versa.
After completing this years MS 150 my twin brother Paddy and I decided to put together a website for charity bike riders called

The concept was simple to form a group of International or Cross border riders who regularly completed cycling charity events.
Two charity rides in two different countries or states would make them eligible to become an honorary member of 'The Mules' or 'Travel with my Mule Team'.
If you wish to join such esteemed company, its easy and free.
All that is required is that a brief profile is completed similar in length and structure as others on website. This should be sent with information about your rides and a picture of a mule to my e mail address.
You will then feature in 'The Stable'
Our Aims are outlined within the website but our dream is to have a 'Mule' in charity rides around the world.

You will never have to ride alone, there will always be a Mule to help lighten your load.
A discussion board will be devised for questions and assorted topics and will be updated regularly.
An appropriate team jersey is currently being designed and will be available for all honorary members to purchase. They will be produced and sold on a non profit making basis and the availability will depend on demand. We have some great ideas but welcome input from any prospective Mules.
Weekly Update.
My weekly update has been delayed due to my travelling down to London on Sunday for a weeks course (No Cycling). However my Hotel has a Gym so I have no excuse for not keeping my training going.
This week the weather has been beautiful with warm early summer sunshine.
I am convinced that my skin acts as some sort of solar panel reactor as the warmer it is the more energised I seem to be. Gone are the arm warmers multiple layers, and bootie covers and out comes the sunscreen much to its surprise at such an early introduction.
Although its not quite Texas weather there is genuine heat, with very the sort of air quality you would normally expect on a crisp winters morning. It has still been windy though, but ill take anything that goes with sunshine right now even a plague of locust. One analogy That I can think of is that its like eating Chocolate. Although there is a huge difference between a kit-kat and chocolate eclair, each provide pleasure through their unique chocolate content., its only the measure of pleasure that differs.
Sunshine is my emotional chocolate.
Like an 'on form' baseball slugger, I have also been spreading my hits all around the geographical cycling arena. South to Lincolnshire, West to Broomfleet, North to Scarborough and East on Sunday to Hornsea.
Hornsea contains a Mere (Lake) which was formed after the end of the Ice age. Although its less than a mile from the sea it’s a fresh water lake with no contributory rivers.

Weekly mileage 175
Monthly Mileage 682.
On my virtual Cycle ride from Beverley to Houston, I have finally made landfall at New Brunswick.Next stop Maine and the US of America. Cant wait for the virtual exploration of the USA.


  1. What a fantastic idea, linking riders like that! When you get it really going, we'll do a post about it at "Change Your Life. Ride A Bike!"

    I love cycling community : )

  2. Thank you Adrienne for your wonderful offer of support, we will really appreciate it, you could always become an international cyclist yourself


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