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Thursday, May 14, 2009

'Whose day is it anyway?'

I have noticed that a number of my American Cousin bloggers have had a day allocated to them for cycling to work. Believe it or not it’s called ‘cycle to work day’. Fantastic. I am unsure whether this is something that applies to all of the States, or whether it’s just something that has been adopted by those States with a more liberal minded transport policy.
Irrespective of this it was really pleasing to see how well it was supported, and to view the many splendid photographs and blogposts celebrating its existence.

After mulling the concept over for sometime, I soon ascended my political soap box.
That is something I really try to avoid, so as not to chase any prospective blog viewers away.
I was annoyed at my own perception, that cycling to work might be seen as a 'novelty' rather than as a viable alternative form of transport.
Questions seeped into my head, where a mixture of varying emotions were stirred.
Why do we have these ‘special days’
Who thinks them up?
How many calendar days are still unallocated?
What if we run out?
If the calendar becomes overprescribed what happens then?
Do we share the days out?
There could be a scenario where we have a ‘peace day’ and a ‘support your local industry day’ sharing the same calendar date.
It would be ok if your town bred white doves.
But what if they made stealth bombers?
What if we no longer wanted to recognise a certain day or days?
Could we not double up on others or even have a whole week set aside for the more worthy subjects. Cycling fortnight has a nice ring to it.

In England we have Guy Faulks Night, otherwise known as fireworks night.
Its meant to commemorate a failed attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament Charming!!!!
As well as forgetting the origins of the day, households seem to spend hundreds of ££££ (that they don’t have) on fireworks.
Im no killjoy but fireworks are technically small explosive devices which anybody over 16 can buy.

They may look pretty illuminating the night sky with all the colours of the rainbow, but what about the trade off.
They pollute the environment, scare every living thing (Including me) and they kill and maim people every year.

Can we not scrap this one and have our own ‘Ride to work day’ instead .

These days that seem to be set aside each year to prick our consciousness often have a double edged sword.

When I was young there was only one day set aside and that was 'Mothers Day'.
It’s on a different date in the USA, probably due to an administrative error in the ‘Days allocations committee' .
Nevertheless on that particular day (whenever it is celebrated), we all clamber over each other in florists and confectioners, to purchase gifts for our dear mothers.
Although I cant fault it, I do sense that it’s a bit of a cop out.
Are Mothers only worth just one day of each year?
I would like to think we appreciate our Mothers everyday.

We have even started having ‘negative days’ such as a national ‘No smoking day’.
Smokers are encouraged not to smoke.
I’m sure they get lots of encouragement throughout the year without a special day.
I am especially good at dissuading them, although my approach is not always polite.
In this instance we are not celebrating something or seeking to do something positive, but merely attempting to not do something that’s bad.

If we are to carry on with these days, I would like to dream of a novelty ‘Use your car day’ when we dust down our garaged relics and all laugh at the futility of motorised transport.
An alternative of course could be 'Rant day' although it appears as If i have just had mine !!!!!!
I’m off my soapbox now, normal blog service will resume on Sunday, when my ‘Cycle Everyday’ will continue.

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