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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Crime and Punishment

I finally arrived back in Yorkshire on Friday evening with my tail firmly between my legs. Although I had performed well on my course, it was equalled by my performance in resembling the principal character from The Film 'Babe'

As well as visiting numerous watering Holes in London, I had to deal with the 'gastronomic gauntlet' that befell me each morning in the Hotel. As I was walking towards the fruit and Yogurt selections, I had to pass, eggs, bacon, hash browns, sausages......just typing these words is making me salivate.

The final weekly damage is as follows:-
3 cheese and bacon burgers and chips
5 cooked breakfasts including a total of 10 sausages
15 pints of various beers
7 packets of crisps
8 packets of peanuts
At least 20 biscuits
Basically I have 'offended' badly and have had to charge myself with excessive gluttony.
As with all penal systems, there are punishments that are exacted in respect of all crimes and with my offence there is no exception.
This morning I sentenced myself to climbing the 'Devils Chimney' five times.
All cyclists have their certain rides or areas that they avoid for a variety of reasons. When I first started taking cycling seriously I was taken up a hill called Trundlegate. This is an unclassified road that leads from the village of Newbald nestled in the bottom of a valley up to the Top of the Wold a climb of 400ft.This road is totally exposed to the elements and it often feels like it is taking you to the top of the world. Every time I go up it, I am reminded how mortal I am, as my heartbeat races into the 170 + region. I often encounter, steeper, and longer hills, but for some reason Trundlegate is my Nemisis . As such I named it The devils Chimney. Its testament to this gradient that the name stuck and spread, and many cyclist now know it as such. I would be really interested to know if other cyclist have made up names for love/hate relationships they have formulated with stretches of road.

I duly completed my sentence today and on the final climb felt I was climbing Mount Everest. Joanne came with me to ensure I did not cheat. She did the climb four times herself !!!!!!
(see below) When I had finished she gave me my Halo back, and I promised that I would not be seduced by sausages again.

Other News
No totals for weight loss or mileage this week due to a mixture of scale avoidance and embarrassment.
I have now started up a new blog called 'The Lost Muse'
It features my second passion in life writing in prose and poetry. I intend to share my work and the work of some of my favorite writers in a variety of different formats. Check it out.
Any feedback would be lovely.

Our website is still developing.
We now have our first design for our shirts.
The fellow Mules Love them I think it looks a bit demonic and might scare children.


  1. I see you eat well in london. Are those pigs twins, If so I am the one eating the lettuce leaves.

  2. Hahaha, I've got a climb, too, that I call my Nemesis. I always drop below 10km/h. C'mon, this is walking speed!

    Oh, and what I meant to mention: You punishment is nowhere near in proportion to the crime! I would have expected at least a loop around the country or something of that proportion! :-)

  3. I think I let myself off lightly really. Maybe I should create a formula. Ie: Burger and Chips = 20 miles
    Pint of Beer = 2 x Devils Chimney


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