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Friday, June 19, 2009

Cycling proficiency Test

Recently the government have decided to really embrace alternative transport.
They have developed a new cycling proficiency programme for kids, to ensure that they have the necessary skills to combat 'cycling in the city'
Sadly only a few have passed.
Am I being a cycic, or was that was the idea?

Two days to go till Flat out in the fens........Im really looking forward to it

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  1. That is a great Video, Dangerous Stuff he is doing. No Helmet is going to Protect him if he falls on his Back on a Spiky Railings. I would neve do anything like that myself.

    As Regards the Children and Proficiency Tests, Good Safe Cycling Infrastructure is needed . There needs to be put in 2 Metre or 7 ft Segregated Cycle Paths with Lights and Clean the Rubbish off them. Then maybe the Children can Cycle Safely to School instead of being Chauffered in SUV's by their Parents to the Schools. Bring in 30 k/ph in all Cities and Towns and Villages and Pedestrianise the Centre of Towns.Have it like the Netherlands,it is the only way to go.


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