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Monday, June 15, 2009

Flat out in the Fens

This coming weekend sees me completing in a new sportive called 'Flat out in the Fens'. It is organised by the impressive 'Kilo to go' team that organised 'The Cheshire Cat' amongst other national sportives. Most Sportives are characterised my their arduous climbs and technical terrains.This one has neither.
Taking place on the longest day of the year the event appears to be more like an audax, with the top distance being over 150 miles.
With long straight stretches of roads and 'No climbing'.........I repeat 'No climbing'.
The biggest challenge is likely to be combating boredom, or retaining concentration at average speeds that I expect will be far above peoples personal bests.
Normally a momentary lack of concentration might send you into a hedge, or at worse an introduction to the 'Road rash Society', however The Fens are different. You are likely to end up in a dyke, or stinking bog, wishing you had packed your swimming goggles, and some strong cologne.
The Fenlands of England are as flat as heavily rolled bowling green, with undulations no bigger than what a miscreant mole might create.
After being spoilt by my beloved Yorkshire, I do find this landscape boring, however it does produce the most incredible skies that seem to dominate your visual receptorsMy initial intention was to complete the longest distance of 153 miles, but I am now being joined by my best mate Colin and some of his friends who are all local to the area.
I am lead to believe that their idea of a long ride is to cycle to the pub and back after drinking a gallon of ale. Although I am not disapproving of such hydration methods, there are no hedges on route.........I will let you figure out the rest !!!!!
I have already been informed that I will be pulling the whole way, a loyal domestique. I expect some of those in our pace line may require pacemakers too, and cushions strapped to their seats.
Still, all miles are good miles, I will have the opportunity to talk, cycle and take lots of Photographs for my weekend blogpost. It will be novel not to change gear too.


  1. Sounds exactly like cycling where I live. Except for the "flat out" bit, which I try to avoid.

  2. Hope the mule supports you this weekend! I agree about the Fenland land and skyscapes. Check out my pictures from East Anglia here:

  3. Ever since I started cycling i've been wishing for a completely flat scenic ride; but looking at that picture I really don't fancy it!

    Obviously a case of being carefull what you wish for.


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