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Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday Blues can take a ride............

After my previous non-cycling week just gone, the guilt was still pumping through my veins, so 'after work' cycling was compulsory. Tonight I decided to do about 50 miles, but as fast as I could possibly go. I don't really know how it worked, but I felt like Pegasus and flew around the Holderness plain.
I completed 53 miles in all, at an average of nearly 20 mph.
I must point out though,at the end I was totally F***ed and felt quite sick.
Maybe the rest and all those sausages has done me some good after all.
After I had got my breath back, I felt euphoric, I guess a bit like how a cyclist should feel when he is running into some form.
Out of the good days and bad days that accompany cycling this was probably one of my best solo rides ever in my whole lifetime.It felt that Good !!!!!

When I saw this video it reflected everything, we can all ride a bike.


  1. #1- No guilt. It turns all food, even celery into fat. I have no science to back that up, but it is true.

    #2- 52 miles! I get what I call 15 mile ass. The exact point at which I reach 15 miles, my butt starts to hurt.

    #3- Ride like the wind!


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