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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cycle Heaven

During the course of my blogging I have made many references to my twin brother Paddy from Houston, who has had a significant influence on my cycling life.

There is however another brother Andy who is equally as important.
With a young family his actual cycling activity is now infrequent, yet his ethos is far greater than both of his elder brothers put together.
Despite being a successful businessman he owns no car and has no wish to.
He believes that living in a large town or city there is no need to have one, even despite the limitations of somewhat inadequate public transport system.
He is strictly a Train, bike or foot man, although when there is a 'need' he does hire a car which he quotes 'enables him to appreciate a drivers perspective'.

When I ask him about getting in the weekly shopping he tells me he has a bike for that
Transporting the children......He has a bike for that too.
I guess owning a cycle shop does has its advantages.

It is called 'Cycle Heaven' and is situated in York. It prides itself on providing a wide variety of bikes for those who wish to embrace cycling as their principal means of Transport.

If you are a hard core racer type and want to buy something to steal an edge on your rivals or talk about the latest criterium results this may not be the place for you.

But he does pretty much offer something for everyone, even us wannabe roadies.

I got my Scott Addict bike from there and he does sponsor The Clifton Cycling Club in York.

He has also been involved cycle politics being instrumental in the 'Stop at 'Red Campaign'
He recognised that in order for cyclist to be taken seriously that they need to act responsibly.
I have to agree with him on that one.
On Sunday my bike was booked into Cycle Heaven for bike servicing.
After a tough week of cycling, with heavy rain and a return to booties, coat and arm warmers, I had considered the car.
But wishing to avoid rebuke from my younger sibling, I decided to ride.
The local weather station provided some optimism, with the promise of sunshine and showers.
I was at the point of accepting anything with showers, sunshine would be a distinct bonus.
They lied though - There was five hours of thunderstorm after thunderstorm, rendering me as wet as an otters pocket.
York was totally awash with the river bursting its banks. Local events were cancelled and even the teddy bears convention decided that any picnicking would have to be done indoors.

217 very wet miles completed this week with the anticipation of sniffles and sneezes to come Atchoooooooo!!!!!!!!
My virtual ride takes me to Chattanooga with only 821 miles to go.
From there I will travel to Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lake Charles, Beaumont and then on to Houston.


  1. I wish I had a relative that owned a bike shop. Your brother has a very informative website. I was reading up on the folding bikes he sells.

    What do you think about Bradley Wiggins performance today? I would never have thought that he could climb like that.

  2. Cycle Heaven sounds like the place for me. We received a bunch of rain here today so I didn't ride. You had a great week of riding, though - congrats!

  3. Bradley has really suprised me, he has had a few personal demons to contend with over the past few years which has effected his potential but now they seem way behind him and he has a real podium chance

  4. Awesome news, as my parents are about to retire in York, and my Dad is looking for a bike to ride in the city. If only I lived in the UK I'd apply for a job there...

  5. Nice website for Cycle Heaven. I did watch part of the Tour yesterday, but had to switch back and forth and watch The Open Championship too. I so... wanted to see Tom Watson win!

  6. As an only child, I love to hear stories about siblings. I wanted brothers, so I get to live vicariously, here : )

  7. Hi, Philip. Thanks for the note of encouragement. It would be so nice to have a bike shop in the family.

    Love your writing! And the pictures are great, too.


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