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Saturday, August 22, 2009

C'est arrive

Simon showing Paddy a clean pair of Hooves................................

Paddy looks on in amazement!!!! Cursing the fact that he had wasted two bottles of his most
expensive wine on trying to slow down his 'Anglo Mules'.
Finally after months of training the 'Anglo Mules' (Simon and I) finally arrived in Houston on Thursday afternoon. When we got to Paddy's (My twin bother) our new 'Travels with our Mule shirts' were waiting for us.
They were handed over in a formal presentation not disimilar to recieving your first 'cap' for your country. It was accompanied by an ice cold beer and our itinerary for the next few days. This unsuprisingly included cycling, cycling and more cycling in various degrees of heat that could cook a whole F***ing English breakfast on the roof of a car. Although I am reminded that it has recently cooled down.
The earliest of these excursions was scheduled to take place early the next morning.
However 'tomorrow was another day' Paddy reminded us whilst forcing further beers into our already sweating hands.
It was only 6pm in Paddy's world,Midnight in ours, He wanted to show us his cooking skills and share with us some of his red wine collection. I do like red wine and his choices were quite exquisite!!!
At about 10pm ( 4am our time) we were allowed to retire to bed with every probability of massive head aches in the morning .
What felt like minutes later at 5am USA time arrived sorry if its getting confusing now!!!!
We were up on our first ride.
Simon riding Paddy old Bianchi and myself riding a bright red Motobecane that felt as light as a blacksmiths anvil and old enough to stand alongside a 'Penny farthing' in any transport museum.
With acute hangovers and severe jet lag we set off and were able to show our true Yorkshire grit . Yorkshire terriers I quoted. We pulled Paddy along his 40 mile route at well over 20mph.
Paddy kindly remarked that we may only have $20 bikes but our legs our priceless. Thank you Paddy
We are now looking forward to riding with our other team mates tomorrow.

Hopefully this will be the start of a daily report for those back at home in particular our respective partners Karen and Joanne.


  1. Welcome aboard! What's all this talk about heat? We're past the worst of it now. I'll be looking for y'all amongst the giant crowds.

  2. Great post. I like the sign- what's the next line? Perhaps you could have a competition.

    How hot is it there? Today we had 38 degrees in Japan and 100% humidity, so you got damp just walking through the air...

    And as usual blogger doesn't like OpenID

  3. Sounds like the fun has just begun!


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