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Sunday, August 23, 2009

It all comes out in the wash

There is an expression that is often used which says 'It all comes out in the wash'.
There are several different interpretations of this.
One of these describes the situation in life when things are 'Found out'.
It is a saying that can apply to everything from personal relationships to managing your household expenses.
No matter what you do or how you act 'life' has a way of searching for integrity, and often finds it given time.
I too have often been subject to this laundry process and failed.
I distinctly remember telling my parents that I had studied so hard for my exams only to be 'found out' when my grades arrived through the letter box.

When I was a young student I was working in a boatyard for a summer.
I loved sailing and had made myself quite proficient in basic coastal navigation.
In the Marina there was a beautiful yacht called 'Gauntlet.' It was owned by a big Australian guy who worked as a Saturation Diver in the North Sea.
He wanted to take his Yacht from Bembridge on the Isle of Wight to Norway, via Antwerp.
I knew he was looking for crew and when he approached me and asked me if I could navigate there was only one answer.
Naturally I said yes.
The response was provided so confidently that no further questions were asked, at the same time no clarification was offered on my part.

I managed to navigate to Antwerp and three quarters of the way to Norway but then thick fog came down for a whole day and my inadequacies were exposed.
Thankfully No rescue was required and I still got us to our destination.

It is now six days to go to 'The Hotter than Hell' Endurance ride and no last minute riding will help anybody if they are not prepared.
They will not only be entering the event, but metaphorically commencing a rigorous hot wash cycle where any weakness will be exploited like a bad stain.

I am confident that myself and other Mules will pass the laundry Test, but regrettably past events have shown that there are casualties every year. Most of these are down to poor preparation.

Hot but not bothered !!!!!!

Today the Mules did 65 miles at an average pace of 19.5 mph.

We did 2 minute intervals on the front of the pace line which we tried to be disciplined about although there was one particular bad Mule (Kenny) - He will have to go to blacksmiths to be re-shod

Dave joined up with us today a great asset to the Team.


  1. Mules are renown for their stubbornness. We'll call it determination. You guys live up to your name and you'll be fine!


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