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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Remember the Alamo

Today we were meant to start our road trip to see the Alamo in San Antonio and then onto New Braunfels.To idly float down a river for two hours being chased by a case of beer.
Culture and Coors what a great combination.
Things started well, we set off from Houston before the Sun had crowned the Horizon.
The car was full of all things associated with a road trip, Beer, Cheesy Music and slightly worn tales of previous adventures.
As I focused my Camera on anything that whetted my imaginative taste buds, humour was practised elsewhere within the vehicle.
The thing about humour is that unless your really really good at it you will never really make money out of it.
In fact you have to be very good at it, just to get an honest response.
A real laugh.
I was once with a group of people in London when a uni cyclist dressed as a clown peddled past.
I said to him 'You appear to have lost a wheel'
He replied 'Humour is difficult'.
He was right of course, and humorous.
I on the other hand was not being funny just sarcastic, trying to use another person for cheap laughs.
What is funny for one person is not funny at all for another.
Why do we often seem to delight in the misfortune of others.
As our journey continued we were confronted by a number of misfortunes.
1. 80 miles into our journey, just as the sun was starting to make the mosquitoes take cover.
Our battery failed and the car would not start.
2. Over two hours later the car started, but the vehicle control consul could not be reactivated.
This meant no Sat Nav, No Radio and No controls for the Air Conditioning
3. twenty minutes later we struck some debris in the road which wrapped itself around the rear brake of our vehicle.
We appeared to be taking in some unscheduled stops at a number of Garage forecourts.
Although the staff were extremely helpful, sympathetic and considerate, we wanted to see Davy Crockett, not Dave the Mechanic.
Eventually we got back on the road and decided to swap the order of our activities.
We remarked about how calamities came grouped together as we launched our rubber rings.
Surely nothing could go wrong in the river, we had Paddy's watertight holder to keep everything dry and there were no real rapids.
By the time our river ride had finished tensions had been loosened.
Other things had also been loosened too.
4. My shirt in the rapids
5. The water tight ability of Paddy's holder which contained my Camera (Hence no pictures today)
To hear of these events some people might laugh like drains. We did not really find it funny.
We did laugh though......people do.
Not through humour though, the laugh of exasperation, frustration the laugh of pure desperation.
At the end of the day we got to do the beer and rubber ring river routine and The Alamo. We also managed to get a look around the River walk in San Antonio during the evening.
It was amazing.

Tomorrow we head North through Austin, Dallas and up to Witchita Falls to join our Mules for the Hotter N Hell. Tomorrow is another day!!!!!!!
The Wait is nearly over


  1. So you had a chance to visit holy ground, the Alamo. The first time I visited the Alamo I was surprised to discover that it was right in the middle of downtown. Due to the movies I watched as a little kid I expected it to be in a more rural area.

  2. At first I thought of the old truth of "Bad things come in three" rule but then it should have stopped way before your camera took a dip. Sorry to hear and glad you could still laugh ... All the best in Texas and "Good Luck".

  3. Good luck for tomorrow my love, have a great day. I hope the Mule Train arrives safely to the finish line. I will be thinking of you. Ride hard, drink lots and take care out there. xx

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