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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Spinning around

For the third year in a row British weather forecasters predicted warm still summers.
On this advice many UK residents stayed at home rather than go abroad for guaranteed sun. BBQ sales have risen and Ice cream manufacturers increased their production.
This year we were warned in June that a heat wave would grip the country, that breakfast could be cooked on the roofs of cars before being served in sun drenched gardens.
This week they finally admitted that they had got it wrong again and are reviewing the whole concept of Mid to long range forecasting.
I was sure that they had dispensed with predictions based on the changing texture of a piece of seaweed or and opening pine cone. That they now have multi million pound computers in place maybe I am wrong !!!!!
Wet or Dry I think you get the same odds on a roulette table.
Enough bitchin!!!!
Ironically my training from January to June was rarely affected by rain or exceptionally high winds.
Now I feel like I should have chosen an aquatic sport instead like water Polo or Tombstoning

Before cycling, I should now be liberally coating myself with 'Ambre Sloaire' instead this is replaced by arm warmers and a coat !!!!!!! Yes a coat.

After running out of places to hang my wet soggy clothing I decided that I would take in a few spinning classes to remind myself of what it felt like to feel sweat rather than rain drops falling from my nose.
In three weeks time I will be sweating bucket loads in the 'Hotter than Hell', so I'd better get used to the feeling.

Spinning was wonderful and really reignited my dampened enthusiasm.
I'd forgotten how much I had loved it. (the spinning) not the sweating.
I am also sure that it will help me in my efforts to increase my cadence. I now look foreward to including at least one session of week into my training schedule.
I would really recommend it to anyone.
Whether your a newbie or a previous spinner like me, the visit was well worth it although the scenery is a bit limited.

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