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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday

My virtual ride to Houston has taken me into New Orleans.
My first glimpse of this vibrant city came years before on a James Boand film 'Live and Let Die'.
I was captivated by the scenes of 'Mardi gras'and the uninhibited joy and fun it seemed to exude. Mixed with Vodoo and of course Jane Seymour as 'The High Priestest' I was completely sold - despite Roger Moores Cheesy smile.
I sought out films that featured New Orleans depicting its many faces
Angel Heart, The Big Easy and The Curious case of Benjamin Button.

Now when I think of New Orleans I am reminded of the devastation that came with Hurricane Katrina of the displaced Residents many of whom moved to Houston.
Of all the worldwide footage that became available the one that moved me the most was Green Day and U2 performing 'The Saints are comming'.
It showed the devastation, the despair, but also the hope.
It also illustrated what makes me respect the American people. The politicians may not get it right, but in adversity the American people rose up and showed collective love and support.

I found this Video of Mardi Gras years ago

I of course love the music that comes with this city

Houston is just around the corner and I will be pedling on American Soil next week.......I cant wait !!!!


  1. Somehow I don't see Brad Pitt as NOLA mayor.

  2. I haven't been back since the hurricane, but I love New Orleans. Hickory coffee and beignets at Cafe du Monde, Walking through the French Quarter, cemetery tours, it's all good!


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