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Friday, September 4, 2009

voyage avec mon vélo

One of my biggest passions apart from cycling is writing, poetry and the admiration of others scribbles with a pen or with keyboard. Sometime ago I set up another blog called the Lost Muse which features my work and the work of other artists that I admire. One thing that seems to be lacking is work about cycling. so with the aid of a bottle of red wine and my tongue firmly implanted in my check I have knocked up a poem about cycling. If anybody out there knows of any cycling poems I would love to hear of them.

Pedaling forth the spoken circles go
Amidst the rain, the wind and drifting snow
Cadence high, my derailleur set
Travels upon my bicyclette

Tyres on black top, bottles full
Pace lines, hill climbs, my turn to pull
Gears changed, New horizons found
Few dollars given for my weakened pound

Cycling now under the cloudless skies
RayBan's protecting my burning eyes
Bright southern sun and prairie dust
following wheels, with the ultimate trust

The event partaken, one hundred miles long
Wichita, North Texas, now long gone
Manchester this week back with the rain
Cycling in England is one F**cking pain.

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  1. hello , nice trip, is that in france , do you have some maps for the bikes of the france , if u got some , would u please send me ,tks


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