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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Welcome home

I arrived back in England yesterday to be met with goose bumps.
Not at the excitement of coming home but at the dramatic fall in the temperature from the barmy Houston to the chilly north of England.
Not only has the temperature dropped but the barometer too with its close friend 'Gusty the Gale' keeping it company.
Tonight I so wanted to ride. To reassure Addy that riding another bike in the USA was not an adulterous act but a need to meet and end. To ride the Hotter N Hell. Sometimes bikes just dont believe you.
The combination of Jet lag, cold rain and gale force winds straining even the the biggest trees, killed off my enthusiasm. I elected instead for a hot mug of chocolate with just a bit of Brandy to ensure I did not catch a cold.
Sadly Addy remains disconsolate propped up against the radiator which has sadly been switched on keep my extremities functioning.
The long range forecast for Manchester's 100 mile ride is no better and with only 1500 riders it will seem a massive anti climax to Wichita Falls last week.
Thankfully I am allowed to wear my I pod when I ride this gauntlet of Natures hostilities.
This will enable me to have some of the warmth of Texas with me.
My daughters will be thrilled to pieces that Dad has discovered and been captivated by the youthful talent of Taylor Swift.
My tears, created by the wind in my face will fall on 'Addy' rather than a heavily glossed guitar. At least he will be smiling.

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