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Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Androgynous cyclist

I was really looking forward to extending last weekends milieage this comming weekend.
Its been gorgeous cycling weather all week, beutiful sunshine, no wind and dry roads.
Of couse as Friday morning turned into Friday afternoon, the weather gods decided to have a laugh at my expense.
They personally sent me a whole bunch of clouds, heavily ladden with snow.
Not wanting to miss out on the action 'Mr Freeze' took it as a cue for mischief making and coated all of the roads with ice.

As I awoke this morning, the sun streamed through the blinds, bouncing off the overnight deposits of accumulated snowflakes.

The obvious choice would be for me to accept defeat and to go to the gym, but undetered I will wait and have a noon time weather check.
I am now ruing the day that I got rid of my mountain bike, I could be out there right now.
This week my employeer has finally decided to engage in the government 'cycle to work scheme'. This means that I could get a new bike very soon.

One with tread on its tyres and a saddle that did not require generous applications of 'butt butter' before I placed my derrier upon it.

Such is my love for cycling I want to expand it into my day to day life. I want a basket at the front to use it for shopping and a bike stand. I want it to look nice too.

I could minimise my car journeys to only essential ones, like seeing my children who live out in the country with no suitable public transport.
My brother Andy has a cycle shop Cycle Heaven in York and stocks Gazelle.
They have a great range of dutch bikes.
On looking at the catalogue there were so many to choose from, but all the ones I liked were described as 'ladies bikes'.
Although at this stage I am only window shopping I managed to narrow down my wish list to two.

The fabulous 'Miss Grace' as featured (below) and the more masculine Gazelle NL NY Cab (at top of blog).

Men now have bags, face cream and pedicures so having a more femanine bike really appeals to me. I think Miss Grace and I might have a future together.
I would be happy to hear any views.

Check out tomorrows blog to see if I ventured out.


  1. Nothing wrong with a male on a STEP THROUGH (not a "ladies") frame. Thousands of Dutch men ride them. I ride them quite often and at 6'-2" and 200# I don't get any guff. They have several advantages over the conventional diamond frames, they are easier to mount and dismount if you have a load, a sudden foot plant to avoid an errant motorist does not result in painful body damage, they are also easier to ride in a long coat, and the list goes on.

    I have a grocery getter and a mixte that is going to become my Sunday afternoon bike.

    Ride what you please, others opinions mean little to me.


  2. Aaron,
    Thank you for taking time to comment. Your views are well observed and much appreciated.


  3. You are lucky to have a brother, and even luckier to have a brother who owns a bike shop!

    They are not "bags", they are satchels, Indiana Jones has one.

  4. Philip,
    First of all, I want to second Aaron's comment. Second, I hope you got out and had a good ride. Third, I wanted to thank you for linking to Cycling in Wichita. I'm not sure what south-central Kansas and Yorkshire have in common, but I'm flattered that you feel my blog is worthy of your attention.

  5. The Step through Frame is great if you have Bulky Pannier Bags on your Bike and you find it hard to throw your Leg over the Saddle.

    There are plenty of Post Office Bikes with this Configuration because of this reason. Also all the Folding Bikes are Step through and Unisexual. I have a Brompton and it is Step through.

    I have an Azor Dutch Bike which I use to carry stuff like Groceries but it is a Mens Frame. Sometimes when it is loaded up I have to lean the Bike nearly Flat on the Ground to get on to it. So the Step through is very Valid for Heavy loads. Also in the Netherlands they do not care what sort of Bike it is and it is normal for a man to use a step through.

    I dont think People give a Hoot what you Ride now,I have seen Men riding Step through Bikes that are not Dutch Bikes in Dublin and nobody bothers.
    It is possible to get step throughs that are not Womens Bikes and they are very handy for City Cycling and getting the Groceries.


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