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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cyclecross in the Shadowlands

One of the problems with setting yourself personal targets is that you put yourself under self pressure to succeed. In April I have The Houston to Austin MS 150 with my twin brother in Texas along with my fellow Mules. Straight after completing that I have the Nanchez Trace ,from Nanchez to Nashville.

Although my Texan cousins have had a few cold days over there, their training has been uninterrupted with between 50 to 80 miles a week, soon to be extended to 80 to 120 miles.

Last years mild winter in the UK enabled me to match this until March when with extended daylight I was able to kick on. By this time last year I had already had 300 miles.
This year has been dominated by non cycle days.

So when this weekend heralded more snow I had little choice but to embrace it, with my slick tyres.
Slicks and snow, by the way certainly don't go.

On Saturday I managed 24 miles and on Sunday 29. It was not totally cycling , there was a bit of bob sleighing, skating, and there was certainly a lot of high diving.
Most of these other disciplines ended up with me falling flat on my over sized arse.
Depending on whether the roads were in shadow or sunshine was the difference between thick snow and ice to dry roads.
I must have expended as much energy getting on and off my bike and carrying it as I did riding it.
Still I was pleased with my attitude........I only swore once, as a white van shot passed me.
The unconditioned driver thought it would be amusing to activate his screen wash and spray me with ice cold water whilst filling his fat mouth with fast food.

The only bad word I didn't use was one that might of questioned his parenthood. Why bring the rest of his family into my rage.
At the end of Sundays ride I detected some rhythm, my legs were starting to remember that last Summer I called myself a cyclist.
I do believe the foundations are coming together.

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  1. Slick tires and snow - you're a braver, or sillier man than I am...


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