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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

In the bleak mid winter

This time last year I had already completed 500 miles since Christmas day.
This year its a big fat ZERO !!!!!!!

Its not that I don't like cycling in the cold, I just prefer the upright position rather than the ditch, kerb, on coming traffic or snow drift.
All across the UK there must be lots of us annoying the Hell out of family,wives and partners.

Some pubs have recognised this fact

I have just been auditioning for Dr Zhivago and getting FAT

And watching others enjoy the whiteness

There is always next weekend..............


  1. What happened to global warming? We're in the midst of the coldest, snowiest winter I can remember since I escaped from North Dakota. I'm so looking forward to spring!

  2. bicycles wrapped in snow.......lokes lovely but sadly no riding huh


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