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Sunday, January 24, 2010


This time of year is definitely not the most inspirational of months.
As my alarm goes off in the morning it is cold, dark, and damp.
When I come home its cold, dark, and damp, the only variation being my lunch break when the sky is illuminated with a low watt bulb.
Although some would say its far better than earlier in the month, when every thing was white with snow, I disagree.
Although the abundance of white flakes inhibited outdoor cycling, there was some cheeriness about it. Children laughed and smiled, and the child in us all surfaced like a returning diver, gasping for breath
The whiteness made things seem cleaner and brighter, instead of the dirty grey that has ingrained itself into everything - including my mood.
It is as if some great landscape artist had been momentarily distracted, spilling his dirty water over his nearly completed canvas.
The training continues though, the drudgery of finding layers of insulation and struggling with my overshoes, constrained by my unwanted belly. Rude grey motorists . Traffic lights always turning to red. My water bottle hardly touched, with the desire for warmer beverages.

Each mile, not enjoyed but endured.
Saturday saw an increase from 16.03 miles to 27.25 miles.
These decimal increments recorded for the endeavour they currently represent.
Joanne accompanied me with an altogether cheerier disposition.

Without the additional festive poundage that I had acquired, she punished me on the hills slowing down at the top for me to catch up.
A complete reversal in fortune she added as I puffed and panted my way to the top of each summit.
Why do I do it, I asked?
Then she reminded me.
If you want to lead a pace line at 20+ mph, for hours at a time, to float up hills, to enjoy our beautiful countryside, to feel that you always have an extra gear.
To enjoy the camaraderie of other cyclists in sportvies - these winter months training are what makes it all possible.
Look back at last year, look at the photos she added.
I did as I enjoyed my hot cuppa on my return.......she was right of course.
Women usually are.
Next week Ill take it to 50 miles
Happy Cycling


  1. Beautifully written. I hope the sun breaks thru for you soon.

  2. Good luck, and know there are more of us longing for a warm breeze at our backs.


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