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Thursday, March 4, 2010

A bad day in the saddle is better than a good day in the office

(View from top of 'The Devils Chimney')

With my starting a new job next week I had some time owing to me that I needed to use up.
With my big bike adventure next month, I decided to take some time off for cycling.
I took to the bike on Tuesday and Thursday, completing 60 miles and 34 miles.
That's 94 miles before the weekend so progress is really being made now.
Fortunately we have been blessed with fine weather this week although it has been bitterly cold.
Tuesdays flat course was a breeze and I could have completed my first ton of the year if I had set off earlier, I just ran out of daylight.

Thursday was an altogether different story.
After the first few miles I wanted to turn back.
My legs were heavy and I just felt tired.
Things didn't improve and when I started climbing it was slow and cumbersome.
I could almost count the spokes as they turned around slightly faster than the second hand on a clock.
On my way back I came across an old friend.....'The Devils Chimney'
I saw it miles before it noticed me, rearing up from the wold bottom like a frozen wave.
I had not acquainted myself with it this year and certainly did not have any desire to make that today.
The scenario reminded me of my childhood when half way through some car journey we were deviated off course to pop in on relatives or friends of the family.
My mother used to dampen my protestations by saying 'its important to keep good friends'.
Last year when I was in peak fitness I climbed 'The Devils Chimney' five times in a row.
I even stopped at the top to pass the time of day. It was good for me I must admit.
As I got closer I quickened my pace, believing that I could skirt around it without being seen.
As I entered the village of Newbald and onto Trundlegate my presence has highlighted by a startled Pheasant.
The great wold that was 'The Devils Chimney' beckoned me and although it offered no refreshments, kind words, or amusing stories, I fully embraced it.
I could not resist the my mother had said 'Its important to keep good friends'
When I'm struggling from Natchez to Tennessee my leg muscles might just remember this visit. Fingers crossed.

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  1. I'll be waiting to hear of the Natchez Trail ride. It looks interesting.


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