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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Commuting by Bike - The Cycle Gladiator

Usually my lack of blog writing has reflected my general lethargy, where there has been no cycling, and no inspiration.
Now things have gone full circle, lots of cycling and so much to write about its difficult to choose. Last week I managed over 130 miles in lovely weather including a 67 mile jaunt over the Humber bridge to Lincoln for a family mothers day summit meeting.
It was a great ride over the the spine of the Lincolnshire Wolds and although there was a really strong side wind the weather was clear and sunny.
On arriving at my destination the heavens opened, which was a relief.

The weather gods have seemingly got bored with trying to upset me all the time and are now trying to please me, they even provided me with a rainbow on my lift home.
This week I have started commuting to work by bike.
This week I have discharged the shackles of conformity
This week I seek Elysium
It is something I always wanted to do but have been a slave to convention.
Usually when I participate in recreational cycling I feel like a second class citizen on the road.
The bottom of a long list of road users which includes trucks, cars, motorbikes, horses, pram pushing pedestrians and small dogs.

Now I am an urban commuter cyclist I feel like a two wheeled gladiator.
breaking loose, smashing through the lines of traffic like a dodgy curry passing through a fragile digestive tract.
As I wait for the traffic lights to turn to green, I edge forwards in anticipation brushing my over sized calves on vehicular bumpers, claiming my space, whilst staring out drivers like some seasoned warrior.

With my carbon footprint Zero, I puff out my chest in self righteous eco-indignation at my slow moving carbon burning brothers in arms as we all battle to arrive at our respective destinations.
Arriving at my desk I am showered and scented while they are stressed and sweaty.
With nearly a hundred miles completed so far this week I now have choices at the weekend. previously I would have to cycle to get my miles in but now I wont have to.
Instead I can concentrate on quality training rides, hill training, or cycle exploration.

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  1. Interesting analogy. I tend toward the "Jedi Knight," riding a more civilized weapon.


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