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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

True Blood, Sweat and Toes!!!!

With just over a month away till my mammoth bike ride, I am starting to get quite excited.
From a slow, weather hampered start, my training is now getting more significant and I am actually starting to get some decent early season miles in.
Last week I managed 154 miles and as a bonus all of these miles were completed with full feeling in all of my toes.
So far this week I have done a 43 mile ride and I do believe that beads of perspiration appeared on my forehead, these are all obvious signs of Spring.
I have now told myself that from now until September I have to do at least 100 miles per week.
It should be quite straight forward as next week I start commuting to my new job by bike.

Spring has not only evidenced itself with sweat and warmer toes, but there are now buds, birdsong and brighter longer days. bring it on.
Having completed the Houston to Austin MS 150 on three previous occasions I never really gave myself the opportunity to relax and take it all in. Being part of a fast pace line the majority of my time was taken up looking at a revolving piece of rubber about 18 inches away from me.
This year it will be different, the two days are in reality the first two days of a much bigger 7 day challenge and I intend to take it easy. I want to talk, take pictures and enjoy the camaraderie of 17,000 riders pedaling for a single cause all with a story to tell.
I know i might get some stick from my fellow Mules but Its not about getting to Austin before lunch on Sunday its about getting to Nashville by the following Saturday in one piece.

I have started looking at the map and trying to envisage what the surroundings will be like and then realised that where we start in Natchez its close to the fictional town of Bon Temps in the hit TV series True Blood. Its a massive hit in the UK, I love it. I especially like the stylish opening clips for the show. I have not seen Suki Stackhouse on a bike but she would be welcome to join us.

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  1. Perhaps she would encourage a more leisurely pace as well...


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