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Monday, March 15, 2010

The worlds gone potty

Due my additional cycling I have not yet had time to do my weekly blog......and there is much to say. May have time tomorrow.
So here is a topical article.
Polish roads have the unfortunate reputation for being notoriously potholed, and Krakow is certainly no exception. Now, the city is tackling this widespread problem in a novel way: it is selling it off. Specifically, the city will sell individual potholes, which will then be patched with the donor's name by the city transportation board.

This original approach to road work comes from the German town of Niederzimmern. The city was faced with a lack of funds for fixing the existing roads, so city officials began to sell individual potholes in an attempt to spare the treasury. Each filled pothole was accompanied by a sign stating the name of the individual or company whose funds allowed the restoration of that part of the road. The programme was such a hit that there were even several buyers from outside of Germany
I would be quite happy to buy my own here.

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  1. Interesting ,we are developing the same sort of problem in Ireland. In some areas of the Country and in Dublin as well they have the same Potholes for Years. The Councils mostly just worry about the Major Roads and just fill those Holes in and not bother to much about the minor Roads or Country Lanes.

    But because of the harsh Winter and it's affect on the Roads more Potholes are starting to break out but not much Money to fill them in.In the City of Dublin this is most apparent along the Bus Routes especially at Bus stops and at Corners. The usual practice is to fill the Hole with some Bitumen which does not last long until it breaks up again.

    If they ever do that over here,sell the Potholes to individuals I wonder when they fill them in will you be able to have your Name inscribed on a little sign on the spot where the hole was,interesting thought.


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