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Friday, April 16, 2010

MS 150 Houston to Austin and the rest

Well I finally arrived in the USA for my big ride. The last few weeks have been frantic, hence the lack of blogging, but now the fun bit starts. Cycling and regular blogging (Daily when I get onto the Natchez trace with lots of Photos)
I have not got in as many training miles in as I wanted and am much heavier than I wanted and My left shoulder is F***ed and and ............I can come up with infinite excuses but really I am thankful to just be here.
About three hours into my flight whilst over the chilly North Atlantic, a burning smell was detected in the cabin of the plane I was sitting on. We were assured not to worry.
Ok, unless I am mistaken that is exactly something to worry about. I certainly did not see a reassuring BBQ being assembled for our culinary convenience. Besides it was not that sort of smell . it was one you would normally associate with some faulty electrical device.
The captain decided to turn off the in flight entertainment system. I was midway through watching 'The Incredibles' at the time and longed for some magical superhuman powers to ensure our safe arrival.
I contemplated how long it would take for the plane to fall out of the sky and how chilly the water might be.
With our music and films turned off the smell also departed and I stopped praying for forgiveness for previously stealing one of my brothers cycling jerseys.
Paddy met me at Houston and took me to his new house. The next morning my cure for jet lag was a 43 mile ride. It was great to only have a single layer of clothing covering my body.

Tomorrow morning at 5 am me and my fellow Mules will be joining the BHP Billiton Team for the Houston to Austin MS 150. Then when we finish that it is on to Natchez to start the Natchez Trace from Natchez to Nashville. Covering close to 700 miles in a week
Its all go now !!!!!!!!!!

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