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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tour de Mule - Day Two

Today we cycled 92 was tough .....we started 18 miles North of Natchez where it was cold and wet. My legs wanted to be in some jeans preferably in a bar, or perhaps naked next to a warm pool, rather than be conscripted into slave labour and showered upon.

Out of what I can only describe as pure malice, they decided to 'Play up' and not function properly. Each time I instructed them to spin around at 90+ revolutions a minute they decided to half the figure.
During the morning things became very monotonous with the rain and cool weather. My fellow cyclist looked positively glum, it did not seem a good start.

Due to the time of the day being in the 'Non conversation zone' , we were all wearing I Pods to enable us to listen to cheery music.
I asked Kenny what music he listened to. He told me the name of a group that was difficult to pronounce and even more demanding to spell.
I must have looked at him quizzically as he then added 'There are only two uses for this sort of music, running/cycling or killing people'

Adam stated that he was listening to fish, because of my own hearing being muted, by I Poditis I quickly scouted the rain drenched road. I could neither see, nor hear any aquatic creatures.

Adam smiled 'its spelt Phish'

I did not have to ask Paddy what he was listening to. His playlist was made when I Pods first came out and the twenty or so songs are constantly recycled.
I can tell by the nod of his head or how he peddles whether he is listening to 'Dire Straits' or 'The Pretenders' .
At the time of these observations I was listening The Who- 'I can see for miles' unfortunately I could and although the main event was just being served, I had chronic indigestion.
The rest of this blog will be written up during the week as there are not enough hours in the day right now


  1. I've yet to tour in the rain.
    I'm not sure I would have the motivation to roll out of my sleeping back and onto the bike.

  2. It looks lovely and warm there,to warm perhaps. The 92 miles very doable if you head off early in the Morning and take your time, 9hours at a constant 10 miles an hour plus rest stops. For the average Joe or Jane middling Fit I would say maybe 11 - 12 hours.

    But all that Riding every Day must be very Sore going on the Posterior. It must be great visiting the different Areas in the US, best of Luck.


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