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Friday, July 23, 2010

Climbing the Col de Tourmulet

Some people dream of beach holidays with sea sun and San Miguel

For me I dream of great climbs to conquer.

To travel there is easy to get the body ready to do the climb is the hard bit.

So I have decide to post this blog rather than buy a fridge magnet to inspire me to loose enough weight that I can climb anything on a bike.


Maybe next year


  1. Brilliant it looks Fantastic but very Dangerous on those narrow Mountain Roads. I would not like to meet a Car coming the other way and the Sheer drop to my left. You would not want to feel tired and suddenly lose control and fall sideways.

    If you fell on an ordinary Road all you would have to worry about is Grazed Legs and perhaps a Broken Shoulder at worse but here all you could do is Commend your self to God and close your Eyes and hope the End will be quick. I get Vertigo at Heights like this and I would have to get of the Bike and Walk .

  2. You can do it! I struggle with my weight, but if I can be near my lightest, my trips to Colorado are much more enjoyable. The tour director points out that the grades on the passes we climb aren't as severe as those on the TdF, but we're dealing with more altitude. I too would love to ride in the Pyrenees.


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