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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hotter than Hell Preperations - All Good Mules deserve a nice home

Today was my last day in the saddle to acclimatise to the Heat and Humidity of a Texas Summer. I went with my twin brother Paddy 'Le Patron' and acted as his Domestique , setting the pace and sheltering him from strong and windy conditions around the vicinity of Zube Park.
Riding 'shotgun' for Paddy is a role that I have grown accustomed to over the years, so much so that now Paddy quite unashamedly calls me his 'Super Domestique'

For those of you who are familiar with the term you will know that there is a hierarchy among domestiques; the more accomplished, often called lieutenants or super-domestiques, are called upon during critical times.

The lieutenant(s) stays with the leader as long as possible during demanding periods providing him all the support he can muster.

Obvious examples from the recent 2010 Tour de France were Alexander Vinokourov (Astana) riding in support of Alberto Contador, Chris Horner (Radio Shack) riding for Lance Armstroing and the mighty 'Spartacus' Fabian Cancellara (Team Saxo bank) riding hard for Andy Shlek

Paddy commented that it was a good training ride all be it from the relative comfort of his 'wheel sucking' armchair. For me it was an altogether more gruelling experience but pleasant none the less.

We completed 45 miles which also took us past our cousins (see above) who received their customary salute. The ride personally took me over 4500 miles for the year almost a mile to the day as at this time last year.During last years Hotter than Hell ride we noticed a fancy double decker team bus from some local club (The name escapes me) and Paddy our patron commented that one day we will have our own.

Today we collected our own 'Team Trailer' I grant you that we cant sit on the top of it and drink fancy cocktails but its a start and a fantastic asset. It even has the names of our current 'active' members on the side
Well done Paddy !!!!!!!!

'Travels with my Mule' is a small cycling team but we aspire to great things.

Our ultimate aim is to form a vibrant social cycling team to collectively take part in international charity cycling events. To accept any rider of any ability who wants to take part in events and feel part of a team. We have a core of riders in USA mainly Texas and the UK but some of our members come from all over the world.

We have our own website which provides more information about our team. We also have a number of member blogsites.

If your riding in the Hotter than Hell don't be shy please shout out 'Go Mules' and you will get a big thumbs up, alternatively come and meet us afterwards. We have some wrist bands and if the team have not been too greedy we may also let you try out some tasty MuleBars our 'MuleFuel' courtesy of MuleBar

Either way have a great Ride.

Who know next year we may have a bus too !!!!!!


  1. The Mule trailer looks fantastic. Hope all you mules have a great ride.
    Go Mules go.

  2. Nice blog, I stumbled upon it because I too thought the BBC MAMIL article was about me. If you fancy a massive ride you should think of joining us for some or all of our trek next year .


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