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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Skins Challenge

During the course of the Tour de France 'Skins' Compression clothing had got some very willing volounteers to trial out their new cycling range.
To add some extra spice to proceedings some of us were asked to take part in three cycling challenges to reflect what was going on in France.
There was a 15 km time trial, 120 km hilly route, and 150 km flat route.
Four of us took part.
Living in different parts of the country, we were all restricted by the limitations of our own terrain. I must admit I struggled to find some flat roads.
Anyway the results are in.
I came third, it sounds better than second to last !!!!!!!!
However my sincere congratulations go out to my fellow competitors who are all biologists too.

Austin Tanney (Our Winner)

Jason (2nd Place) I already feature Jason's blog which is 'velorunner' a highly recommended site.

Well done guys !!!!! and thanks Matt from 'Skins'.
Skins cycle clothing evaluation can be found on a previous blog of the same name.

As I write this blog I am now in USA about to take part in Hotter than Hell 100 mile endurance ride. Out training in Houston today..........all I can say is that its HOT HOT HOT

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