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Friday, September 3, 2010

Spirit of the Gulf

I have just got back from Texas and feel a bit melancholy from missing my dear and generous brother Paddy.
To my utter shock and amazement I have found this song from the lovely Yorkshire skylark Kate Rusby on u tube. Kate Rusby is my favorite Folk singer with an amazing voice and I have only ever heard her sing traditional British Folk songs or ones she has written which come into that category.
This sudden departure singing about the gulf of Mexico is as far removed from Barnsley as Texas is from Beverley, but very nice all the same - It certainly took me by surprise.
I chuckle to myself as I type Kate Rusby and Texas in the Tab bracket.

It may have nothing to do with cycling but has lifted my mood for the Manchester 100 on Sunday. Thank You Kate


  1. Nice Song,Best of luck in the Manchester 100.

  2. funny im feeling melancholy too...must be a twin thing


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