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Friday, November 12, 2010

The Answer my friend is blowing in the Wind

The last few weeks have seen little activity in the rotation of my bicycle wheels however there has been some movement in my waistline which is starting to develop its own circular shape.
If I dont apply the brakes soon i will have my own unique tubular shape.
The lack of cycling has had nothing to do with dedication but more to do with climate.

Each day I watch the weather forecast and despair.
Nature seems to be in some sort of competition with itself to blow all of the leaves off the trees in record time.

I don't mind cycling in the Rain and there has been plenty of that. Nor do I mind cycling in the wind within reason.
1-20 mph not a second thought
20-25 mph without rain I'm still on board
but 30 mph + in the dark is no fun, and fool hardy.

This past week we have had 30-60 mph winds all week with heavy rain.

If that is not bad enough, amongst the precipitation there is an assortment of deciduous offerings.

Do you know a wind blown Horse chestnut leaf can cover your whole face and resemble the texture of a flying bat.

Having said all that I have not been a total wimp.
Last week I actually did 130 miles.

On one of the mornings I set off to work in the dark accompanied by a work colleague Anne.
She managed to get a puncture about a mile from work.
Coyly she looked at me proclaiming that she did not know how to rectify the problem.
Her excuse being that she never cycles alone and would rely on her cycle partner husband to 'sort it out' .
Although she had a spare inner tube, she had no tools.

I arrogantly proclaimed that I my pit stop procedure was akin to that of the Formula 1 Red Bull team and that we would be cycling again in the same time that it might take to apply some lipstick.

My ego was soon as deflated as the tyre, when I realised that my own tools were on my road bike. This particular bike being cosily resting at home.

It was then that natures rejects came to my aid.
Looking for divine inspiration I spied a couple of well shaped twigs which along with a ten pence piece was able to be used to strip the offending tyre from its wheel.

For my gallant efforts I was later presented with a fine bottle of 'Chateaux neuf de pape' from Anne.

It came as no surprise that on subsequent journeys I endeavoured to lead Anne over the toughest terrain praying for further punctures.

Although the weekdays weather has been poor the weekend has been great and I have managed to get out and record the rusty scenery.


  1. That Wine will go down well with Steak and Kidney Pie or if you want to go completely French Boef Bourginone or Duck á L'Orange More Circular Shape around the Midriff showing after that lot. Then a long Slumber after it,that is what Red Wine does to me.

    We had the Storms as well in Dublin and it was bad.I ventured forth to the Supermarket the other Day on Dutchy with a Howling Gale Blowing. It is a big Heavy Bike with 2 Inch Tyres and it helps to keep you Upright from fallng off in the Wind.

    One second I was flying along with the Wind behind me then I turned a Corner and slowed down by the Force that Hit me then turned another Corner and was hit in the side by the Wind. It was OK though not to bad,there was other Cyclists on the Road as well. One Chap with his Road Bike in Spandex and Pumping up his Tyres, I seen that he was alright and continued on my way to the Supermarket a distance of 2 Miles. It got Stormy later on though and Violent Winds all Night but calm the next Day.

    Today a Day later all is peaceful again but I did not go off on the Bike. I might go for a spin tomorrow Saturday into the City and Check up on my new Tourer I ordered an LHT Surly.

  2. Connected to you thru Big Oak. Interesting reading. We have a lot in common...balding, middle aged, fighting the bulge and doing charity rides. :-)

  3. Thank you for reading I hope you follow........I see your winter has really set in

  4. "there has been some movement in my waistline which is starting to develop its own circular shape"

    Ahh, yes, I hear you there. My circular shape starting to get big!


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