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Sunday, November 28, 2010

sNOw go

Early winter has gripped much of UK including East Yorkshire.........meaning the bike stays in the shed and the feet are used instead

Managed to get out on Friday before things got too White !!!!!!


  1. It got terribly Cold on Friday in Dublin with Ice Forming by 10 pm .Then Thunder and Lighting at 3.30am on Saturday Morning followed by loads of heavy Snow.

    I went to the Demo against the Government on my Dutch Bike from Christchurch to the GPO in O'Connell Street. As I left my Estate before going on the main Road I slipped on a Patch of Ice,I tried to correct the slide but fell although I did not hurt myself as I had an extra Cardigan on against the Cold. Then more Snow later on in the Day.

    The only thing you can do is use a Bike with Fat Tyres and let a bit of Air out to provide more Traction.

  2. Hi Philip,
    You've certainly got some snow where you are (some good images by the way).
    We are a bit luckier down here at the moment- very cold but still possible to get out on the bike.

  3. Thank you your comments guys....I watch 'Chasing Heros' DVD to remind me thaat there are roads under the snow

  4. Beautiful photos! The first snows are the prettiest, then after a while the luster wears off, eh? We don't have any on the ground yet here, but just north of us they are covered.

    Be safe!


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