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Friday, December 3, 2010

du pouvoir de la pédale à pied

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  1. Just noticing on copenhagenize .com and amsterdamize .com that the Cyclists in Denmark and Netherlands keep Cycling no matter the Weather unlike ourselves who have Shoddy rotten Infrastructure.

    If you do venture out on a MTB on the main Roads you will have a hard time keeping away from that Traffic and if you go nearer the Path you will fall on your Face on the Ice.

    I attempted to go into Town on my Bike about two Days ago and turned back because of the Traffic and the Ice. I envisioned how bad it would be at rush Hour considering how bad it was at 12Oclock ,I just went back to the House.

    Now if I had big Knobbly Tyres on my Bike I might have gone into the City.


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