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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tidings of comfort and Joy

I received this Christmas offering from Ed Thompson who is a reader of my blogsite.
Ed works for freshnetworks who have produced something quite spectacular.

Anyway I will let them continue the story.

'At this time of year, what better excuse to get people out of the FreshNetworks office than a synchronised cycle ride round central London dressed as Father Christmas? And all for no reason whatsoever, apart from the fun of it.

Tourists thought we were delightful, cabbies called us a menace and the police tracked our every move – convinced that, at any moment, we might start a student protest.

With mince pies in our bellies and iPhones strapped to our Boris Bikes we tweeted all the way to Buckingham Palace. Arriving just in time to catch Prince Philip who stopped his car to ask what we were up to and to wish us a Merry Christmas all round.

Thank you Barclays and thank you Boris. We love your bikes. And thanks to Asylum Films (our favourite London production company) for making the movie.

Cheers you all at freshnetworks

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  1. sooo cool! sure a funny sight to encounter these daddies on their bikes lol


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