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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Good reasons for going to Heaven

I have previously featured Cycle heaven in my blogposts because of the family connection with my brother Andy, it seemed an obvious subject matter at the time but I probably did not do it justice. Cycle retail is a competitive market and to succeed its not enough to be 'good' you need to be 'very good'. With the increased popularity of online shopping time spent 'discount hunting' online is almost as prevalent as that spent using social network sites. I am no stranger to this process and often spend hours on wiggle, evanscycles or chain reaction cycles websites looking for that 'great deal'. That 'great deal' is only possible because of it can be provided without the additional expenditure of a shopfront and everything that comes with it. I only purchase clothing or other items that might squeeze through the letter box. Items that can be pushed through the letterbox where the scope for surprise or disappointment is limited. When it comes to actual bikes or other capital items, I need to engage more senses than a visual interpretation of what I can see and read on my computer monitor. I don't only want to see my bike on display, but want to know that the one I actually get assembled is going to be put together properly. By somebody who is not wearing an orange overall and is looking forward to their next tea break. Somebody who can build a wheel rather than lift one down from a ceiling rack. Somebody who cycles home rather than gets in his/her hot hatchback. Above : Anne Clarke ..............attention to detail is key That is why I am on my fourth bike from Cycle Heaven. Cycle Heaven has been in business since 1993. It is the largest independent cycle retailer in York and one of the largest in the UK. The driving force behind Cycle Heaven are the owners Andy Shrimpton and Piers Maffett, whose commitment to the ideals of urban community life are reflected in the products they sell and the values of their business. The store offers a large array of different styles of cycle and is most famous for the kinds of bike that make possible a civilised and comfortable car free urban existence - namely classic and contemporary town bikes and folding bikes. As this ethic can also embrace jaunty but nonchalant rides out into the country, this is also the place to go for longer distance cycles such as hybrids and touring bikes. They also offer a lot of family options - child seats, trailers, child trailer bikes and the like. Make no mistake, at Cycle Heaven they 'cycle to live' (and not the other way around!). 'My Ridgeback Horizon has enabled me to cycle 30 miles a day commuting to work and back all through the winter saving about £160 in fuel per the maths' Cycle heaven have also recognised the new attraction of sportive events for which they offer Scott and Cannondale makes. At the heart of the shop is their busy 'open' workshop, which can seem frenetic, come summer, but with their long opening hours and four full time technicians they can usually accommodate your repair, with a smile. This year there are plans to open up another shop at a rather interesting and innovative location. I am certain that this will be a massive hit. Not wanting to ignore the attractions of what the WWW can offer they have a great website and now offer a full range of their own branded T Shirts which can be purchased on line.
Remember all good cycles go to Cycle heaven.


  1. Good luck to Cycle Heaven on their expansion. The person-to-person connection is something you can only get in a shop, and it sounds like Cycle Heaven is excellent.

  2. That is a beautiful Vintage Shopfront and someone riding an interesting Vintage Racing Bike. I just had to clice sur le Photo Montage pour aggrandir le scene/make it larger and have a good Butcher's at it/look at it. It is truly Cycling Heaven that Shop worth visiting.

    Whenever next I am in England in Manchester I shall divert over to Yorkshire and drop in for a look.


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