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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

This Charming Man

A punctured bicycle
On a hillside desolate
Will nature make a man of me yet ?

When Morrisey wrote the iconic song 'This Charming Man' I am quite certain that 'cycling' was the last thing on his mind or was it?

Music can mean so many different things for, so many people. Who am I to question whether or not the erudite 'Smiths' front man may have actually known the difference between his deraillers and his front bracket.
I do believe that the opening to the song is pure genius and it can work in a number of different ways.

Does the punctured bicycle refer to an actual tyre 'puncture'?
Or could it be that the gradient of the desolate hillside has punctured the riders ambitions?

'Will nature make a man of me yet'
Surely this must mean that being 'at one' with nature allows you discover yourself - to become a man.
Or if you climb lots of hills, your fear of the more arduous aspects of cycling will lessen - you will become a better rider.
Not wishing do be sexist will 'Man up'.

Anyway Mr Morrisey as well as banging out a half decent tune you have also got my brain working. Is that not the aim of art????
Enough literary stuff...........

This weekend saw my 15th consecutive day cycling.

Rather than look for an excuse to lie in or get a rest, Bob and I searched for some desolate hillsides of our own in the form of Dalby Forrest and the North Yorkshire Moors..................before finally heading to Scarborough.
It was a tough arduous ride but with the constantly changing scenery it felt like we travelled across a whole country.
Enjoy the pictures....Happy cycling

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  1. Beautiful scenery hard going in this type of Weather especially in those Mountain areas and at the Temps we are experiencing at the moment of 1 C.

    That Bike of yours looks very much like my Dawes Audax which has a Puncture at the moment. I am using my Surly LHT for Trips to the Countryside at moment. Best of luck on your Travels.


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