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Friday, June 24, 2011

Flat out on the Fens - Deja Vu

Ever since the recent royal wedding the tabloid newspapers have been full of Pippamania projecting Pippa Middleton from a royal Maid of Honour to National Hottie.

Although I have to conceded she is rather pleasing to the eye I could never get caught up in this sort of exploitation. I am sure she does not want to wake up each morning to have half baked stories and speculative partners splattered across the nations tabloids.

This paparazzi fuelled literary drivel only has one use for me, and that is to keep my Fish and chips warm until I get home from the Fish and Chip shop.

Mr Murdoch must must have sensed my indifference and came up with a cunning plan to attract my attention.

Apparently not only does she carry a veil well, but she also runs and rides a!!!!!!

Pippa was snapped taking part in the Highland Cross challenge a duathlon across Scotland.

Her Bianchi looks a stylish as any Alexander McQueen outfit and the Mavic Aksiums will surely put distance between her and any 'Cannon clickers'.

This time last year most of the Paparazzi were over in South Africa drinking Lion Beer and being sworn at by Wayne Rooney as 'Our Lads' failed yet again in our national game.

As the Germans were peppering the English Goal with 'das fussball'.

I was cycling around Eastern England in the 'Flatout in the Fens' a 112 mile sportive by Kilo to go.

Although the field was reduced by the lure of masochistic tele viewing, I could not help thinking it was their loss. It was a glorious day and one of the hottest of the year.

Here we are again 12 months on and the forecast promises much with a cloudless sky and the temperature up in the low 80's. With a flat Terrain we could be cycling in Texas minus the Turkey Vultures and Gatorade.

This time there is a large Anglo Mule contingent with seven of us taking Part Me, Joanne, Karen, Simon, Bobby, Kelky and Karen W. its hopped that we can put in a good time and have people wandering....'Who are those Mules????'

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  1. I love the aerial shots of the countryside - beautiful colours.


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