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Monday, August 29, 2011

Hotter than Hell 2011 Part 1

This years Hotter than Hell was Hot!
Although the air temperature only got up to 109 degrees.........Only!!!!!!!
The temperature of the road increased as the day moved on and by the time we got to the 80 mile mark it was 125 degrees.
Hot enough to raise a souffle and to cook a Sunday lunch.
With such heat there were inevitably casualties and the telephone number for the SAG wagons was frequently dialled.
It would be true to say that even a fully manned call centre would have been hard pushed to accommodate all the calls for service.

Through the mirage there was a large group of cyclists who remained mostly unaffected.
Smiling, sweaty and scorching a blue and red line they conquered the very best that Wichita Falls could through at them...........Well done Mules

A full report will the next few days with lots of pictures.


  1. This year was my first year to ride the H.H.H. and I'm glad that, one it was the hottest ride in a long time (makes it an even greater victory), and that I finished the ride. I didn't know what the temp was and now to read that it got up to 109 with road temp of 122+/- makes it even more awesome.

    Great website and ride safe.

  2. Can't wait to see the photos, and good job riding in the heat! I know that it really adds to the challenge!


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