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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tour de Pink

Whilst the Anglo Mules were engaged in Beer tasting at the Corner House in Beverley our US Counterparts were taking part in Tour de Pink.

Paddy says 'It was an eventful ride which saw the patricipation of three MULES
(Actually 1 Mule & two stallions). We galloped out at the start leading the
whole ride after 8 Miles, but a check on our speed saw us clocking 26 mph + . We
let others do some work for the next 25 miles but then it got crazy with riders
bunching at three & four deep at 24-26 mph and rain threatening. Lots of quick
turns had us loose Christian who we never saw again to the finish. SHawn and I
dialled it down after some cramping on my part followed by a wobbly back wheel.
A great ride though.

Well Done Guys

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