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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

By the time I get to Phoenix

After hearing about our American exploits one of our premier Anglo Mules 'Bobby', decided that he wanted to experience some of it and did some 'Muling' in Arizona at the end of November.

Being Scottish he was even able to find a sympathetic town called 'Scottsdale' which was 'newer than than a single Malt'. Whilst out for a ride he came across a film crew who were by a lake making a film about trout fishing.

Now Bobby knows a thing or two about this subject matter and decided that he would share it.
Within the time it takes for a pedal to rotate the Camera was nicely focused on his 'Travels with my Mule shirt' (And him) where Bobby imparted his own experiences.

Although this started with Fishing, he soon skillfully diverted the interviewer to cooking fish - Scotland - Mountains - Cycling and finally 'THE MULES'.

Continuity was never his strong point.

Anyway it was all broadcast on the local news- Well done Bobby