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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Red, White and Bike

Last July the Anglo Mules cycled non stop for 24 Hours to raise Money for Help For Heroes - A British Charity set up to help servicemen and women and their families who have been affected by the conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Whilst we were doing this are American Mules were undertaking a more modest, but by no means less Important challenge which slipped under the blog Radar.
They took part in an endurance ride to raise money for 'Red, White and Bike' an American Charity that focuses on the children of American service men and women.
RedWhiteandBike is dedicated to recognizing their incredible sacrifice that is too often overlooked. They do so through providing a special gift of a world-class bicycle for these little heroes, the young sons and daughters of Americas Purple Heart recipients.

Their thought process is simple - Kids love bikes!
They provide a quality bike that has been selected by the child and customized to tell the story about the service of their parent. This gift will provide the child much pleasure while reminding others of their parent’s service and love of country; this is a very unique way to say “thanks”.

The bikes are purchased purely by donations from fund raising.
As well as the obvious appreciation I feel that there are other issues here that are so positive.

In a time when most children find entertainment through staring at screens for hours whilst pressing buttons with their fingers and thumbs. Where childhood obesity levels are higher than they have ever been in history - anything that encourages exercise that is also environmentally friendly ticks all my boxes.

Great idea Red, White and Bike !!!!!!!
If you want to help out or donate click the link below

Other News
Inspired by our liking of all things Rapha we now have some new Mule Jerseys which are modeled by our US Mules below. A must for any cool mule !


  1. 'Red.White and Bike' sounds like a pretty good idea to me.....thanks for making us aware of this good cause.


  2. Sounds like an outstanding, worthwhile charity. Go Mules!


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