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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Richmond Dales Sportive

When people talk about the beauty of the Yorkshire Countryside, its a bit like saying they like birds when they have only ever heard the sound of a nightingale.
Appreciating Yorkshire in its fullest glory is best achieved by imagining you are having a 'Right royal feast'
with contrasting dishes served separately to enhance their own individual charateristics.

There are the alluvial flat lands of the Holderness plain and Vale of York, rich in Agriculture and the bread basket of the county.
The Yorkshire Wolds which if painted blue would resemble a sea swell after a violent storm, rolling through the countryside with even unbroken waves of colour.
The eastern coastline is both sharp and blunt, with high cliffs to the north, and Marshlands around the Humber Estuary.
To the South and West the great Yorkshire cities spread out along the backbone of Albion.
Perched high on the leeward side of the Pennines, the dark Satanic Mills replaced by studio flats and cooperative workshops.
Towns and villages named in such a way that they could only ever be pronounced in a Yorkshire accent.

Then finally there are the Yorkshire Moors and Dales.
If you like your scenery through the TV remote control we are talking 'Heartbeat' and 'All creatures great and small' - I prefer mine via a more primitavite form of combustion - The bicycle.

The beauty of the moors has always been known to me having lived in Goathland, but the Dales are an area that I have only previously passed through - driving a 'car', such a waste.

On Saturday I took part in the 5 Dale Richmond Sportive with high expectations.
I was not disappointed.
Sometimes words are not ill just take my hands off the keyboard
Duncan Collins and Yours Truly on top of tut Moor

Dry stone walls - made by man from what nature provided

Descent from Tan Hill


'Stay on the road lad....dont wander onto the Moor'

Thank god there is no westerly gale!!!!!!!

Raw Beauty
Ba ram ewe
Highest pub in England
One of hundreds of 'field barns'

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