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Friday, May 9, 2014

The Stable door is Open

If you are afflicted with a compulsive cycling disorder there are only ever two sorts of days
Days when you Cycle and days when you wish you were cycling.
The later are usually ones that a shared with other significant dates such as weddings, births and funerals.
Work does not count as you can usually sneak a few wheel revolutions in prior to or after this important role that pays for your compulsion.
For those who do not regard rule Number 5 (Harden the F*** up) as obligatory there is a third type of Day.
Days you should be cycling - and could, if you were not made 'candy floss'.

As a new follower to Rule 5, I acknowledge that I previously had 'candy floss' days when instead of cycling I would write about it in my blog.
So now my excuse for the lack of Blogposts is Rule Number 5
Thank you Velominati

With a kind winter us Anglo Mules have managed to rack up some impressive mileage achieving a level of fitness that one might expect to achieve in June or July.

In April we took part in the North Lincs Sportive which unsurprisingly was another windy one.

Every year at this particular weekend the elements never disappoint in their consistency of blowing over 30mph.
If I were a kite surfer, newly erected  wind turbine or a piece of discarded litter such consistency may please me, But as a cyclist I knew it would be a day of tired turbulence which would end up with some obligatory tramadol to cure a stiff neck.
It was also a reminder that its not quite time to take off those toe warmers

 North Lincs Sportive (Brigg) 100km (64miles) and 130km (100 Miles)
Centered around the North Lincolnshire Wolds this Sportive holds a similar terrain as that found on our own East Yorkshire Wolds.
Most did the 100km ride.......peer pressure pushed me to take on the 100 miles.
Tramadol was used!

Matt and Paul on hearing the shipping forecast.........................

Andy looking for somewhere to hide

 April ended with the Heart of the Wolds which again saw some Mule representation with both the longer and Medium Ride. Full livery was displayed which was both eye catching and formed a topic of conversation amongst other riders.
Mule enthusiasts had apparently graffitied the road with words of equine encouragement.

May brought the first good weather and prompted some Mule adventures to York and Dalby Forrest, with such freedom and sunshine on their manes they travelled with real tempo, the sort that is generated by quality training. A short film was created in their honour entitled 'So you want to be a mule'.

This weekend see the Lincoln classic with its final climb up Micklegate.
It should be very interesting given the heavy rain that's forecast.

After that they come thick and fast with the Tour de peak in two weeks time

This great Sportive features the Cat and the Fiddle and the famous Winnats Pass (Above) one of the toughest climbs in 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs.
Last year the pass was made all the more arduous by the fact that the road was shared with cars and just when you were grasping for breath you were having to contend with the acrid smell of clutches being burned out.
Thankfully this year the section will be closed to vehicles so our suffering is not exploited by bored children peering out of car windows .


With the season now in full swing I will ironically have more time to blog when I take in pre event rest days.
Watch this space and happy cycling

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