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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Professional attitude

With the build up to the Tour de France in Full swing 'The country' by which I mean Yorkshire appears to be in a cycle frenzy.
Cycle shops are being swamped with wannabe Chris Froomes, roads are littered in Lycra and domestic retailers are joining in the Velomania.

The world of cycling can now be found on beers, wine, clothing and even soft furnishings.

Yellow generally classified as a 'No no' in the fashion world has seemingly scaled the Ventoux in the world of Haute Couture, and received new respect.
Looking for a cycling related garment or gift has never been so easy, where you can purchase anything from a toilet brush holder to a sofa.

Two decades ago things were different most people had never heard of the Tour de France and most top cyclists in England had to mix training and events with holding down a job.
The Milk race was our top event at a time when milk was still delivered to your doorstep.

Year on year the sport and teams have become more professional with Sky recently leading the way using their highly successful  'Percentage theory' applied to all aspects of event preparation.

The now Famous Sky Bus

Dave Brailsford the director, is a man driven by performance always wanting and demanding the best of the  best.

Best bikes, clothing, nutrition,  training,  accommodation etc etc working on the belief that if each area can be improved by 1% then the cumulative gain would be significant.
As well as proving tangible improvement there was also a psychological benefit.

As a rider you would feel naturally feel better prepared than your opponent.
As an opponent you would feel at a disadvantage before the event starts.

The Anglo American Mules cycling club could never dream of competing with the wealth of 20th Century Fox the parent company of Sky but recognise that you don't need to be a professional to have professional attitudes.

For the American contingent any mornings ride under the blistering heat of south Texas concludes with an oasis in Zube car park.
The American Mule Wagon provides shelter, cold drinks and even a shower for its discerning riders whilst other local clubs look on with a mixture of  envy and astonishment.

  • No wanting to be left behind the Anglo Mules have their own Mule wagon to service its riders.
    This raised a number of eyebrows at last weeks WFK Sportive in Hornsea where the question on every ones lips was 'Who are those Mules?'

    If we were fitter and younger we could have mistaken for one of the professional Tour Teams
    however we are not but will always strive to have a professional approach

    Williams Farm Kitchen Sportive Roster (Hornsea)

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