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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Ride London 2015 Revisited

The Drama

Mules United

When I first rode 'Ride London in its inaugural year of 2013 I unashamedly finished with tears in my eyes - Tears of pure joy. In a different body those feelings may have been replocated by being part of a star studded Peloton, but in reality I am just a MAMIL, a (Middle aged man in Lycra), a dreamer with a predominantly two wheeled imagination.
Ride London brought and continues to bring my dreams alive to a level that is palpable.
After a disappointing storm affected 2014, 2015 provided an even greater event. Riding down the Mall in a Mule 'Chain Gang' at close to 50 kph, after 100 miles of sun drenched euphoria was truly - living the dream. 
Doing it with your twin brother along with other English, Welsh,Polish, Korean and Yorkshire Mules from our Cosmopolitan Club made it all the extra special.
The joy, camaraderie and endeavour can be seen in the following pictures.

Rochelle Gilmore - Founder of Wiggle Honda Womens Team
Malcolm and Pam showing that two is not always a crowd
Malcolm recruiting new riders for next season
Matt and Katherine
Race Time
4:30 AM Ready to rumble
The start
Anglo Dutch breakaway
Box Hill or in Yorkshire a rural speed bump
The Yorkshire Mules
The Finish

A record number of Mules have applied for 2016 so watch out for the Mule trains.