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Friday, April 17, 2009

MS 150 Houston to Austin Cancelled

Due to some horrendous weather in Texas with tornado warnings all around, the MS 150 organisers have cancelled the first day from Houston to Austin. They will review the final day later. Apparently La Grange has had 11 inches of rain today and some of the support tents have blown over.

This means that many people will probably not ride at all, and the remainder will just be able to complete the 60 miles on Sunday, from La Grange to Austin. Literally a wash out.
This will be a massive disappointment for so many people, especially for organisers and thousands of volunteers who do invaluable work behind the scenes.
It must also be disappointing for the local townsfolk who come out in their thousands. Many spend all day clapping, hollering and ringing cowbells in support of the miles of Lycra that snake through their streets.

They will all be missed especially by some renegades. Who may just wish to go on a collective Saturday cycle ride, from Houston to La Grange (without their sponsor shirts) then complete their quest the next day. Some may write blogs about mules.
Unless they were experienced and committed riders, with their own support systems in place they would be very fool hardy.
So I guess I will see you on the road


  1. Stay safe out there you mad Yorkshire man. xx

  2. I sure hope the weather improves and you all (that's y'all in Texas) get to ride.

    Why don't you just come on out to Utah while you are here. Then you can see snow as well as tornadoes. I can put you up for a few days.

  3. Thank you robert.....we are riding come rain or shine

  4. Mad Dogs and Englishmen for sure! Wishing both you, Paddy and all the rest of the rebel riders a safe but fun adventure!!

  5. Lily thank you very much.....just arrived back exausted....full update on blog tomorrow....with tales of rain,lightning and wild dogs.


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