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Friday, May 8, 2009

'Great Expectations' Part 1

'Last night I dreamt I went to Mandalay again, and as I stepped through the iron gates a strange power become me, and I passed through them, as surreal as all dreamers are..........................

It was not really Mandalay, but an East Texan Bayou, however it was as close as I could get to replicating the classic opening of Daphne du Maurriers brilliant novel 'Rebbeca'. It is arguably one of the greatest opening lines in English fiction

My dream was real enough though.

I was a young boy called Pip (Short for Philip) and on a small isolated path surrounded by rich exotic, Mangrove swamps.
There were loud Texas rangers all around with drooling bloodhounds, apparently looking for some escaped convict.
On the news they said it was an Englishman dubbed ' The Pirate' .
The reporter announced that he had come to America to seek his fortune, and was now wanted by the IRS.
Out of the swap the barnacled brigand surfaced - directly in front of me.
He was a big man with an odd Australian twang to his otherwise Anglo/American Accent.

He bid me to keep my mouth firmly shut, and ordered that I fetch him fresh water and victuals. He had the presence of a 'Maillot jaune' and I felt like his dutiful domestique.
After fulfilling his wishes he wadded off back into the murky water, amidst the deep base echoing sound of the bloodhounds excited at the the scent of prey.

His last parting words were, 'Your name please brother?'
I replied Pip nervously.
Well Pip, you looked out for me, so in time I will look out for you.

I have always been a great believer in the relevance of dreams.Matters that might be on your mind, which are close to your consciousness and are translated to symbolised images. In my cases it seemed to be an assortment of images from my collective blogposts.

When I awoke in the morning I received an E mail from my twin Brother.
It was short and to the point obviously sent from his Blackberry.
‘You can pick up your new bike’
My Texan brother certainly was looking out for me. The Scott CR1 was apparently deemed, not worthy for such a fine Domestique as myself.
He had gone and purchased a brand new Scott Addic.
It has now been collected and lives in the spare bedroom. Im still in a state of shock running upstairs every five minutes to look at it and to make sure he 'Addy' is ok.

I need to leave it there until I have told the older Scott.
You cant just bring another bike home without a proper explanation.

That will wait till tomorrow, which is when I will let 'Addy'show me what hes got.

I sense that Sundays blog may be quite wordy.


  1. Wow...what an awesome prezzie! I'm so happy for you. I look forward to seeing how you two get along. :)

    How seredipitous; I used the word "prezzie" and the word verification code is "presessi". Very similar...a fortuitous happenstance.

  2. Wow, what a nice surprise!! I'm sure Addy and the Sr. Scott will in time take to one another nicely.

    Best wishes with your new "feeding" regime, I found the best exercise is to push yourself away from the plate!!



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