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Sunday, May 10, 2009

'Great Expectations' Part 2

It is often the case that new arrivals bring with them new responsibilities, and sometimes the occasional burden.
Some can also be life changing.
The desire to have children, a new job, or to move house are obvious examples.
With the obvious positives there are always negative aspects to these scenarios.
Children can cause huge anxiety as well as great joy.
The dream promotion often brings the nightmare of stress.
The relocation from the polar regions of 'Yorkshire' to the 'East Texan Prairie, swaps cold wind and gales, with warm wind and Hurricanes.
The upgrading of my road bike from a Mid range alloy 'Scott Speedster', to a Carbon fibre 'Scott Addict also brings with it some new challenges.

I have never seen myself as a good cyclist, although whatever I do in life I always try hard to do it well and improve where there is a capacity to do so.
Taking part in Sportives and charity events I always peddled hard , but I knew my limitations.

When people went whizzing past on their 'Posh' bikes I resisted the chase. There was no point at all trying to stay with them or chase them down as Scott hated all that showy stuff.

If i was to try such a feat he would probably try and dislodge me or other cyclists just to cause embarrassment for me.
Now Addy has arrived on the scene things are totally different.
He is as enthusiastic as a rookie quarterback playing in the Superbowl. He eagerly wants to make his mark.
I went out cycling with Simon today. He has a posh bike and is as fit as a butchers dog, and as competitive as a wall street stock broker. Each time Simon raised the tempo Addy followed suit obviously trying to impress me. The upshot of all this high energy was marked. By the time i got home I was in urgent need an oxygen tent and a highly trained masseuse.

Clearly Addys expectations of me are far greater than my current capacity.

In fairness, I was very impressed by his coltish spirit, but he lacked maturity. If he wanted to go racing off he should at least of told me, communication in these sort of relationships is key. With a modicum of pre warning I could have taken one of my brothers revered five hour energy drinks.

When I put him away for the day his disappointment was obvious. It mattered not that he couldn't speak, the words were there for anyone to take in.

Get better, or get off !!!!!!!!
Weekly Training/Weight Data
This week my diet has definitely been affecting my energy levels when I have been cycling. My legs have been very naughty, l refusing to cooperate with my instructions.
However I do appreciate that the long term positives far outweigh any short term performance. Each pound loss should increase my power weight ratio whatever that means.
I have in fact managed to loose a full 8lbs this week which has really put things into perspective for me.
If somebody was to ask me to carry a ruck sack full of potatoes on a long bike ride, I am sure that my response would be non too plesant, even bordering on rudeness.
What a hypocrite I would be though !
I have been effectively cycling with potatoes in rucksacks, side panier's, crammed into the rear of my shirt, and in a front basket for nine months. Enough to provide a sufficient chips supply for any fast food outlet.

As I cycle now I feel liberated with the thought of potatoes tumbling from my bike and lightening the load.

I imagined them bouncing off the windscreens of cars containing irate motorists, who in turn looked to the heavens in amazement.

The expression its 'raining cats and dogs' could be changed in phrase books across the globe to. 'Its raining potatoes' However it does not really possess the same ring to it.

I have broken through 2000 miles for the year making it 2049.

In my virtual reality bike ride from Beverley to Houston it takes me into Newfoundland where its very chilly at 3C degrees. Its somewhere I always wanted to visit after reading The Shipping_News a pulitzer prive winning novel by Annie Proulx.

Laurel (Lily on the road) get the kettle on ill soon be in Ottawa

Charity News
I am now committed to raising money for 'The Daisy Appeal' a local charity that supports a cancer research and training facility. My father sadly died of Cancer and I am sure everybody knows of someone who has been effected. My daughter Daisy loved the fact that such a charity uses her name.
Spring has Last



  1. 8 lbs lost, that's great!

    I think that you are suffering from NBS (new bike syndrome).

  2. How wonderful ~ a visitor!! I'll certainly pop the kettle on and we will have a "cuppa".

    Just to let you know I'm sure you can visit with Bluenoser in Nova Scotia

    before you get to me!! Oh and with Leslie who is here in Ottawa too

    You have sooo many people to visit on your virtual cycle tour, I'm sure I can find you some others to visit while on your way!!

  3. I rode a week long tour in Colorado last August on a moderately heavy Surly CrossCheck. The best thing I did to prepare was to lose about 20 lbs. Part of that was from riding a lot to train, but I felt so much stronger riding at a lighter weight. Keep up the good work!

  4. hi there,
    warm greeting from bike lover ^_^

  5. Nice bike! I struggle between my trusty commuter Tri Cross and thinking about getting a newer, lighter road bike. Cruising along at 20+ mph in a draft line for mile after mile this past weekend was magnificent.

    Keep up the good work!

  6. Thank you all for your comments, I an sure im suffering from NBS but I do like this affliction. Bike is starting to accept me now too.I highly recommend these carbon bikes

  7. now that is the bike route i want to ride.
    so beautiful.
    you look great!


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