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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Slow moving depression

Being an Island the UK has a number of different weather systems that influence that our climate. We have the cold Arctic systems from the North, weak Continental systems from the east and in the Summer we have warm south and south westerly systems from the Azores and the Mediterranean.
At this time of year things get more reliable, often reliably bleak.
We tend to get a succession of westerly systems from the Atlantic.
They usually come in the form of low pressure systems called 'depressions' - how apt.
They are usually served up with ample helpings of wind, bucket fulls of rain, cool temperatures and various degrees of cloud cover.
Not beautiful cumulus clouds highlighted by Technicolour skies - but monochrome.
Blanketing us with all the various shades of grey.
This seems to be reflective of my current mood.
I would like to blame it on Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), but sadly it runs deeper than that.
Since I got back from America in September I have experienced some personal problems.
These have completely dampened my enthusiasm, not only for cycling but for everything.
The wheels of my bike have become stationary and my cycling clothes have seemingly shrunk as I have piled on the pounds with comfort eating, and more wine than is either necessary or appropriate.
I have tried to commit the Mules to some events next year to give me a focal point, but there own weather systems provide a year round facility and for them 2009 has not yet finished.
At the same time my blog has suffered too.
My weekly tales have been replaced by Videos and articles cut and pasted from cyberspace. Literary apathy prevails.
To compound things further I have lost the charger to my Camera so I cant even post any pictures.
Oh woe is me.

This morning I was reading my favorite cycling blogs one of which is
'Change your life ride a bike'
The answer was there in front of me.
Change your life Philip and ride your F**king bike!!!!!!
So today I did 22.82 miles, a short but challenging route with a few tough hills thrown in.
Hardly something to crow about, but I loved it.
The last time I rode I was wearing sunblock, today I was wearing multiple layers of clothes including long fingered gloves.
During my short trip I came across numerous cyclists.
They were all strangers to me but the customary acknowledgement seemed more pronounced.
Each nod, wave or greeting seemed to be more enthusiastic.
It was as if they all knew of my recent inactivity and welcomed me back into the fold.
Although I have lost some of the fitness I built up in the Summer, it was not as much as I thought it might be, and now I may have stopped the rot.
The thing about these depressions is that they eventually push through and somewhere over the Atlantic there may just be some fine weather.


  1. Bike therapy works magic, whether you are in shape or not. Glad you were able to get out on your bike. I'm sure Addie (or Scott, whichever) was glad to get some air also.

  2. I know the feeling. I still need to get back on my bike, and hope for a mild winter. You're not alone. Hang in there.

  3. Hey Phil, get yourself an old 3 speed or some other non-athletic type bike and take lots of short easy rides in your regular clothes. I seem to ride much more now that I don't have to hunt down gloves, jersey's, and other cycling specific gear. Riding always improves my moods.

    A sun lamp probably wouldn't hurt either.

    I hope you feel better.

  4. Go off on Short Runs on the Bike each Day without fail to keep the Motivation there in spite of the Weather. No need to do a Ton or anything like it just go 10 -20 Miles. On those Exceptional Days when it is very Mild and the Sun Shines Warmly then you can go on a Sixty Mile Jaunt. Stop Moping around in the House Atin Food and thinking to yourself all the Time just get out on that Bike.


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