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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bridging the Gap

For the past three years I have called myself a cyclist, but in essence I have always felt a bit phony.
Each year I have trained and completed long distance rides from January until September.
I then put my bike away for the rest of the year whilst I bask in my achievements. This is often accompanied by out of season gorging, as I stuff myself like a turkey primed for Christmas.

Some people cycle all year long in rain, snow and shine as part of their daily lives, commuting to work, some have no choice. (that's the real achievement).
They then cycle for fun at weekends.
I read their blogs with huge admiration. Red bike being one of my hero's check out his blog.

For me living only a mile from where I work is hardly commuting, Its not even worth getting my tyres wet.

Last week things changed - I was offered a new role at work which means travelling about 12 miles away.

In deciding if I were to take the job I had to consider a number of factors, but the thing that appealed to me most of all was the opportunity to become a real cyclist.

To bridge the Gap between being a leisure Cyclist and environmental commuter, a proper cyclist.

It was a no brainer, I took the job.
I'm relishing the disciple in getting up early to set off to work and arriving at my desk within minutes of getting out of a shower.

Although it is only 12 miles I don't have to go the most direct route and on the return journey I can make it 20 or 30 miles or whatever I feel like, whilst pedaling off the stress of work before I get home.

I don't start for a couple of weeks which means the weather may improve and certainly there will more daylight time to play with.

This Saturday I had a test run, the most direct route is 'urban cycling' something I usually avoid. It presented a whole new set of challenges, including treating all car drivers as being blind as well as stupid.
Being a car driver myself I have nothing against car drivers, but for most of them the only pedals they touch are the accelerator or the brake.
Having such a strong views is aginst my nature but good for self preservation.

My new offices are quite close to the Humber Bridge, so after getting to the office in about 45 mins I took a detour on the way home, including stopping at the Humber Bridge Park for a nice warming Latte.
From there I cycled to North Ferriby, Raywell, Little Weighton and over to Newbald before returning to Beverley making it 37 miles in total.

As if in total approval of my new travel arrangements the sun came out the wind disappeared and even by feet remained at a temperature that was bearable.
As well as training for my future events in the USA, It seems I am now destined to become a real cyclist...............
I'm looking forward to cursing drivers, gliding past the lines of stationary traffic in the morning and feeling the sense of liberation as each rotation of my pedals moves me to and from my place of work
Energy does not always have to be generated by fuel.


  1. Congratulations on the new job, and your new commute!

  2. And the carrot cake that went with the latte :)

  3. Congratulations on the New Job and the Joys of Commuting, dont take it for granted that the Car Drivers will automatically obey the Rules. Watch out for them cutting you off at those Junctions.

    Most of them are half asleep in the Morning and they do not see Cyclists,they seem to have Tunnel Vision.
    Are you getting a Scrappy Bike for your Commutes,I cant see you using Mr Scott on the rough and Tumble Urban Network.

  4. riding to work....thats great..
    I want to ride to college but dad disagrees says someone will steal it:S


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